2017 Baftas Best and Worst Dressed

This was an interesting red carpet. Not in a bad way, just different. Let’s get started, shall we?


The Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen. Does she ever mess it up? Rarely.

Emma Stone in Chanel Couture. I don’t know how I feel about the little pants, though.

Finally! Nicole Kidman in Armani Privè. I’m so happy there’s no fowl on her shoulders I’m not even going to comment on the awful hair.

Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen. On first glimpse I didn’t love this, but I kept seeing photos and it’s actually pretty great.

Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton 

Penelope Cruz in Versace. Sort of throwback but it’s draped beautifully.

Isabel Huppert in Chloe. Something about this dress I just love. It shows hardly any skin, but is still lovely. It’s almost Amish even-but I’m feelin’ it.

Bryce Dallas Howard in Solace London. I love the makeup, and I really like this look on her.

Felicity Jones in Dior. I hate the new Dior trend with the see through and label printed in the waistband so this is nice to see.

Now-the Bad was pretty bad.


Naomie Harris in Gucci. The big flower..the sleeves..the skirt. No.

Michelle Williams in Nicholas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton. It’s shapeless, the clunky chunky shoes, what is the print? She can do so, so much better. And has.

Amy Adams in Tom Ford. It looks like a sack. Or a fancy towel after a shower. The fancy back doesn’t help. The dyed green matchup shoes are too bridal party. I hate this. The only positive is the color.

Ana Taylor-Joy in Gucci. What is going on with Gucci? This is fussy, dowdy, so much going wrong with it-a roaring animal on her chest? NOE.

Daisy Ridley in Roland Mouret. The patchwork weirdness? I just….don’t get it.

JK Rowling in Roland Mouret. It’s too bridesmaid-y for me. The puffy sleeves and the color-just not doing it for me.

And there ya go! Grammy edition coming tomorrow!

Talk soon, Lovelies



10 thoughts on “2017 Baftas Best and Worst Dressed

  1. Alexander McQueen is using old fashioned botanical prints beautifully.
    Isabel Huppert’s dress is lovely with the bishops’s sleeves and the tiny self covered buttons. It looks like something that one of the glamorous movie stars from the 40’s would wear. Would be a gorgeous wedding dress if it were in satin instead of crepe. Michelle Williams looks 9 years o!d.
    The Gucci dresses are awful! Bad 70’s prom dresses. The blue on looks like something Marcia Brady would of work on the Love Boat.
    My heart is broken for Amy Adams. She is so pretty and that Emerald green looks lovely on her, but wrap around bath towel is true.
    JK Rowling, not Bridesmaid, but mother of the bride. She has a beautiful figure and this dress didn’t do her justice.


  2. Some of the best dressed need help. I do not like Isabel Huppert’s dress or the color at all. The color is the same shade as her face.
    Fashion is taking a bad turn or stylists are making bad choices for their clientele. Many of the looks remind me of the granny style dresses of the 70’s. It is the 70’s all the way with Emma Stone’s look of pants under a dress.

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  3. I kinda like Daisy Ridley’s dress. I think because it fits her.

    I think part of the problem with these dresses, from all the different award shows, is that the dresses are ill fitting. I’m assuming that since they borrow the dresses, they can’t have them altered.

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