Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Review 

Jeffree Star is a somewhat controversial figure in the makeup world-he and Kat Von D had a falling out last year, had dueling YouTube videos-it got messy. I like him. His YouTube videos are great-he’s hilarious and knows his stuff. I’ve been looking forward to trying his products because I feel like it’s really a passion of his vs someone just slapping their name on a product Kylie Jenner so I just felt like his stuff would be spot on. And it is.

He released his makeup line in 2014 and has had huge success. I’ve been wanting to try his liquid lipstick forever, and forever is TODAY.

The color I got is called “No Tea No Shade” (how appropriate, right?) and it’s a metallic-because I’m loving metallics right now.

Ok guys, I have to say-it does not smell good. A little chemical-ish. I don’t love that. Hopefully the smell doesn’t last. It’s a decent size, 0.19 fl oz. and are 18$ a pop. FYI-the weird chemical smell is not an issue when wearing the lipstick at all.

It’s got the typical doe foot applicator which I don’t mind at all-here it is swatched:

The formula is NICE. It’s creamy, not drying or sticky either. It’s not streaky and nicely opaque. Here it is on:

I don’t have full makeup on-no foundation or concealer so it’s kind of just slapped on-but you get the drift. I likey. I likey A LOT. I’ll absolutely get more of this brand. 

Talk soon, Lovelies!



28 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Review 

  1. Pretty pretty pretty. I’ve read reviews of people complaining about the smell of his lippies. The two words used are “chemical smell or cat-pissy” I certainly don’t want to put anything on my lips that smell’s like cat piss. No complaints about the actual product, just the smell. He has some that have a Root Beer scent and the summer edition color’s had a Watermelon scent. I don’t know why he doesn’t put a scent in all of them. Hearing something smells like cat piss is an immediate turn-off. 😦
    I have watched tutorials on YouTube where people have used his lippies for eyeliner.
    I can’t help but to like him too. I know he can be a piece of work, he has a big mouth and shoot’s it off before thinking – but I like his tutorials and he’s starting to review real world products versus the expensive ass stuff he usually does. I’ve lost interest in Stephanie Nicole for that very reason, she has gotten to the point where she kinda turns her nose up at affordable products.


    • I found this other YouTube guy named John Kuckian and I love him. He sort of talks about scandals and gossip in the makeup world (apparently there’s lots) and comes for all of the big makeup YouTubers. He actually discussed the Jeffree Star bad smelling lippies? He’s got a chemistry background so really got into it and did an “experiment”. Hilarious. But it absolutely has an unpleasant odor. It does go away though and you don’t smell it while wearing the product.

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      • Ahhh…yes, he lit the damn thing on fire. Bahahahaha There is soooo much drama with the “Beauty Influencer’s” as they like to call themselves.

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      • OK. I started to watch some Jefree Star YouTube’s one was of him doing his makeup with pharmacy brands . He bought so many different products to do one face, it was ridiculous. Lol!

        Then I started to watch the one of his responses to Kat D. I guess she accused him of not paying an artist for a logo, or something like that. So, can anyone tell me the outcome of this whole scandal? He takes so long to tell a story, I fell asleep halfway through it. Then I would have to try to find the next videos, in the correct order, to find out what happened after that. I don’t think I’m up to it. TIA.

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      • I HATE John. He is very trashy.

        He trashes everyone’s formula while “working” on his for about the last twenty years.

        He also does not play “favourites”, but his last Tana videos prove that is a lie. He is as messy as the people he whinges about, except they drive their views from their content about their lives/projects. He gains views by just trashing everyone, without doing his homework.

        I honestly can’t remember the last positive video he ever made. I can’t wait for him to release his makeup, so that others will trash it to gain views and then he will understand how they feel when he does it, every single video.

        Can’t stand him. He has a very punchable face too.

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      • Serious – I liked him for a hot minute then I was like ermmmmmm hypocrite much? He has another channel where he laid into Peter monn and it was total bullshit but his ‘fam’ set up hate FB accounts etc about Peter and he did nothing about it

        Oh am getting riled just talking about him. Michael is right he goes after J* for being racist over a comment he made ten years ago and apologised for but kisses Trisha Paytas arse even tho she does black face and dressed up as a nazi. Oh he just nasty little shit

        Going for a smoke am het up lol


  2. Another new product for me to try! I’m usually not a fan of liquid lip color because it’s too sticky for my taste but since you say it isn’t then I’m game. It doesn’t look sticky either and I’m loving the color. It’s going to be fun trying all these new products, thanks for the makeup posts I’m really enjoying them!

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  3. No no no and no again. JK was ok when he started but I cannot say this loud enough HE IS A COMPLETE TIT – he is a nasty piece of work and does passive bullying – I was a massive fan girl but unsubscribed weeks ago

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      • He doesn’t do it he is all sweetness and light but he gets his ‘kuckifam’ to do it and is a total hypocrite – go on the Reddit site it’s all there.

        I really liked him but consider this: he is 22, a fine art expert, biochemist (did a year dropped out) now making a cosmetic brand. His stories are skewed and if J* farts he is all over it.

        He tries to make friends with the gurus and if they ignore him he goes for them. It’s believed he had his minions take down another channel which just ain’t on.

        He tries to blame it on ‘British humour’ – no mate you are just a prick trying get famous off of J*

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