Project Runway (Jr?)

Sorry I’m just getting this up now!! But here y’all go-enjoy and post away 💜


3 thoughts on “Project Runway (Jr?)

  1. I feel asleep near the end of this episode last night. I woke up after the runway, but fell asleep before 2 were auffed.

    I have no idea who was sent home. I’m assuming Tieler with his fitting issues and no idea for the second. I am soooo shocked that they loved Chelsy’s dress. It looked like a hot mess to me. Izzy finally made a dress that I liked. I was amazed how good some of those dresses looked in the photographs.

    This is all my fuzzy recollection. I am allowed to change my mind after I rewatch the show. But it usually takes 2 days for Lifetime to put it on demand.

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  2. They had planned to send two home. Molly went home. Tieler and Hawaa were both in the bottom and the judges couldn’t decide, so they are to both make a collection, but only one of them will show.
    I like Hawaa’s color blocking and use of prints. But a collection of that would give me a headache.
    I like Tieler, just because. He is so sweet. I get what he was going for, but crushed velvet is apparently a bad choice.
    I really am impressed with Chelsy and Chris. I am impressed with all of them, really.

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  3. Those teens have so much talent. I did not like Tieler’s outfit. It looked like Juicy Couture gone bad. Hawwaa is not for me either, but I am not a 14 year old girl, but she has some real talent. I thought they were too hard on her last week.
    I actually liked Molly’s dress.
    It does become a fine line between designing and dressmaking. You can have the idea in your head, draw it out and maybe drape it on the model, but they need or or be a skilled pattern maker, tailor, and seamstress in order to execute those ideas. How many designers know how to do all this?


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