Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip!! 

I have been dying, DYING to try these Lip Whips. The name sounds delicious and the colors are gorgeous. Again, the promotion is that they’re no smudge and they really are. You can swatch it, run it under water with soap and it’s not budging. For that reason I also got the Lip Whip Remover. I figure I can use it to remove all of my long wearing liquid lipsticks so it’s a worthwhile investment. If you don’t want to buy the remover you can use any oil-based something like olive oil maybe-I happened to have some OGX Kukui oil spray sitting on a shelf right next to me, one spritz removed the swatches from my hand.

On to the Lip Whip. I got the color “I Like To Chai Chai”. It’s a nude-and the packaging is again well done, well made, and not cheap. The Lip Whips run you 20$ which is a tiny bit on the higher end for a liquid lipstick, but the formula isn’t drying and stays PUT.

Here is is swatched:

And on:

Omg those HUGE PORES. 😂😂

Anyway-once applied, the formula is a little sticky, I hate to say. I only kept it on for 5 minutes or so, maybe it dries more with time. Meh. It’s ok. Not 20$.

Talk soon, Lovelies



17 thoughts on “Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip!! 

  1. I got one today that I just applied so I’m waiting to see how well it stays on. Manna Kadar liquid lipstick came in Birchbox in a really pretty color. Rosette. I usually don’t grab anything that looks like it has this much pink in it but the color looks great. Not sticky at all. I would definitely buy this.

    On the other had I rec’d a MakeUp Forever Plexi Gloss sample and way too sticky and goopy. I was just doing stuff around the house and my hair kept sticking to my lips. That one is a no go for me.

    Those pores Allie. Best keep scrubbing with that Acure. You’re gorgeous darling and it’s eating someone up. Maybe they’ll lose some weight.


  2. That is a good color Allie. I have a feeling you can wear just about any color and make it look good.
    I usually do not fall prey to peer pressure, but Allie girl – you are a bad influence. After your shopping post’s, I ordered 3 pair of boots, a Dutch Oven, a Stoneware Baker, Gerard Cosmetics lippie, hit up Ulta for a Contour palette, eyeshadow palette and 2 chunky eye sticks. Everything was on sale, plus I had either discount codes or coupons – so the damage wasn’t that bad. The best deal was the Gerard lippie, they were having a Super Bowl sale – 51% off and free shipping. Their lippies are $20, so that was a fantastic deal. I only ordered one, in a metallic shade, I don’t know much about them so that was a great way to try them out.

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  3. Nice nice color, thanks so much for sharing. I ordered some tinted lip balm from Josie Karan. Pretty colors, very moisturizing but it smears, ugh. Now I understand lip liners lol

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  4. I think you have great skin! I think your pores look good! Seriously.
    I love reading about skin care and makeup-Love Korean products-especially sheet masks-fun, relatively inexpensive, filled with peptides, anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid plus instant results!! For me instant gratification takes too long so the masks are genius.

    Other great exfoliators are BHA’s and AHA’s. . BHA is essentially a salicylic acid but it works better in liquid or lotion form. The highest rated BHA I’ve seen (plus I use it!) is Paula’s Choice BHA-the ratings are through the roof.I’d suggest Googling it.

    When properly formulated, AHA’s and BHA’s exfoliants boost hydration, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and deliver firmer-looking skin.They help even out skin tone and smooth away rough skin. They’re both equally good but each works differently with different skin types. I use both but prefer AHA.
    I don’t think manual exfoliators address many of these issues-especially blackheads and even skin tone. I still use a manual exfoliator a 2x a week and I’m going to try yours but I find they’re more superficial and just topical.

    AHAs are especially helpful if your skin is aging/creepy and used for addressing advanced signs of aging and dry skin.It evens skin tone and makes your face feel smooth and clear. I love AHA’s!

    BHA’s are ideal if you are dealing primarily with clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes, or enlarged pores, but it can also address multiple signs of aging. I use this mostly on my nose. The Paula’s Choice It’s a great product is you have good skin but also for teenagers and those with acne. (fwiw-I’m not shilling, I just like her sites- and which contains reviews of products and interesting articles on skin care and research”

    Ok hopping off my soap box and back to Allie! ; )

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  5. I think I t looks great because it’s a very natural looking color! I think the cost is worth it but if you don’t like it then that’s all that matters! I think it’s classy looking! Just my lil ole opinion ✌🏼😜

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  6. @ Slice O’ Pie (damn! Now I want some pie, lol!)
    What do you use/ recommend for AHA products? I use a homemade mask/ scrub made from locally-grown honey & aspirin. Aspirin is salicylic acid; I buy the uncoated kind from the dollar store. I dissolve 2 or 3 aspirins in a little filtered water and add a tablespoon or two of honey in a small container. I use the concoction first as a mask, and after wearing it for a half hour, I moisten my fingertips to loosen the mask and use it as a scrub. I swear this simple concoction has shrunk my pores, sloughed off dry, flaky spots and leaves my skin feeling like a baby’s butt!

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