Colourpop Giveaway Update

Ms. Hannah got her goodies in the mail today!

Next month we’ll do another one. See? People really do win 😉😘

Thank you, Hannah, for sending the pic!

Talk soon, Lovelies



19 thoughts on “Colourpop Giveaway Update

  1. Thanks Allison. Do you notice that I have a preference in color lol. I chose Ultra Matte called Beeper, Ultra Satin called Bijou and Ultra Metallic called 3-Way. They are similar and in the same color family but I like the different finishes. I think the Metallic is my favorite actually. If any of the readers want to purchase from ColourPop, I recommend them. The color lasts forever. It was fun watching the mail for my package and I wanted everyone to see the lippies.

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  2. I just bought so much Lipscense, I passed on this one. (By the way, Allie-there is a color called Blu-red that is “the perfect red”!
    Anyway- I love that you are doing this!

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  3. Left work early to go pick up my Colourpop package. OMG I love it! I only bought two colours just to see what they were about but I’m buying some more next week. I didn’t realise they were long lasting. That’s just fabulous. I think I have a new addiction. 🙂

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    • Pip if the swatch on my wrist is any indication, forever would be my guess lol. I didn’t use a lipstick remover just a shower with soap and water and you can still see the darkest color. As little as I wear lipstick not working outside the home and if it doesn’t dry out, this stuff will be the last lipsticks I ever need to purchase lmbo. Plus the best thing is I didn’t have to buy these. Win/Win.


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