BGC Casting Special Tonite, Other Random Musings

So, tomorrow it’s going to be 60 degrees. Then Thursday 12 inches of snow. Welcome to New England.

I was sent a lot of ranting from the one who’s name isn’t worth saying. And I’ve got this to say-thank God we exist or there’d be nothing for “It” to tweet. If this is a “hate site”, then clearly one doesn’t know what a “hate site” is. Now, if, say Yolanda, Bethenny or Heather were to meander over to that spot, they’d consider it a “hate sight”.  It’s not that important to create a “hate site” for. And no-it’s not all we talk about. By far. And whoever insists that it is has reading comprehension issues, is another sycophant, or is her itself. Also, if big pores is my biggest problem I’m doing ok. 😂 someone must have been really inspecting my photos/videos to even get that close. Kinda creepy, a little stalky-but I’d expect nothing less. And I don’t have big pores. Hilarious.

I’m so proud of the readers I have-a few weeks ago 2 readers didn’t see eye to eye on an issue. Instead of everyone jumping in and taking sides and tearing each other apart, these 2 worked it out, both apologized and walked away with a greater respect for each other. That would have NEVER happened, ever elsewhere. It speaks to so much, and I’m so proud. 

The RHOBH recap will be up in the morning-the Grammys are Sunday so we’ll do a best and worst dressed. Hannah should have her lippies by Thursday so hopefully she’s going to send us pics 😉. 

Tonite on Oxygen is the Bad Girls Club casting special-check it out! My interview with the new cast member will be up in a few days!

That’s all for now, I think I covered everything. So for the trolls that are going to tell me how all I talk about is that lying liar who lies and that scamming scammer that scams-don’t bother. It’s not true, your post isn’t going to see the light of day because I refuse to post flames-and maybe focus on the one who is obsessed with me and the sandbox. OB-FUCKING-SESSED. 😘

Talk soon, Lovelies!



82 thoughts on “BGC Casting Special Tonite, Other Random Musings

  1. Alli can I just say I love you and your blog . Girl you have a great attitude and you have rocked it out since day one. Keep doing the terrific job you have been doing .

    And BTW “IT” is simply jealous of your success and your beauty – it is very obvious

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  2. I can’t understand why that moron can’t stay in her own lane. This site is completely different to the other one and has a different tone. Why can’t she go look after her broken down blog and fix all the issues it has!

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  3. Allie I’m impressed with how well you rise above the baiting remarks…I was tempted to reply to the tweets to point out she was the one still yapping about this site but decided it wasn’t worth feeding into her pity party.
    I love being your blog, and appreciate the variety of topics even pores and lip glosses 😉

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    • Thank you Sammie! I ignore about 95% of the bullshit coming from the sewage queen but sometimes I gotta say something. She thinks if she keeps saying something that means it’s true-not so. Didn’t she have a depression hole she wanted to crawl into? Do it already. Hopefully it’s deep enough to not have wifi.

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      • Oh because you have a sexy sweet husband and a family that loved you. You are starting a new carrer and exciting life. You have friends. The group is planning a reunion. Oh you are pretty and take joy in a new lipstick. And we can disagree and make up. Plus posting on here is like getting free Refills of your wine when you have dinner with your best friends.
        No one is belittled for their opinios. And we can move off topic. And people are free to read other blogs and comment there and comment there.

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      • I’m so happy that we’ve created this. Really and truly. I don’t have to bully people into liking me or into being loyal. I appreciate each and every one of you that I know about and that I don’t.

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  4. I don’t go on that other blog anymore, so I am lost on what is going on… But I do know Allie, that you are kind and beautiful… Unfortunately, people are jealous, and want to take you down.

    Shine like the diamond you are…. and remember….. INDIFFERENCE IS ALWAYS THE BEST REVENGE!!!

    Hugs to you!!!

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  5. WTF, “It” is having a nervous breakdown. Obviously the site has taken a huge hit and the only time they can get traffic is to stir up shit. This site is killing her and she is letting it show…bigly.

    You are one hell of a blogger and this site is so much fun. I stop to read at least once a day even if it’s just on my phone and I can’t post. You’re beautiful inside and out. You don’t even know it but for the past 2 months I have been putting on makeup almost every day and enjoying it. Feeling so much better about myself. I try things I never would have and my husband noticed. Yesterday out of the blue he told me how great my skin and makeup looked. He asked me about eye cream last night, lol.

    This site is a fun place to just meet with friends or get a lift from them when you need it. That is far too scarce these days. You created that. There hasn’t been a hurtful, or angry post that I have seen except from trolls. We all know who the troll is too. Everyone else here knows it’s ok to have a different opinion. I hope this site is here for a very long time and we can all meet each other in person one day in a very sunny, warm place. Hugs to you –

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  6. I predicted this! I knew as soon as you posted about your trip she who shall not be named would have an internet meltdown you know because secret world traveler and all. She bought this on herself, has her site going through 2 servers I hope anybody who is over there has a good security program! She really needs to leave Anita alone as her behavior could force people to retailiate it’s not cool to harass the family of your “bestest” friend while they are grieving and dealing with other heavy stuff. Your doing a great job Allie and if you ever need it you know there are many of us standing behind you and I know there’s at least one of us can kill a toilet serpent! I was thinking maybe one day we could have a recipe post? Because you know makeup and recipes are just evil! Lol!

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  7. Yeah! I love recipes. I’m looking for something yummy to make on Valentine’s Day. Going out is always over crowded, over priced, and they rush you because they over booked.

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  8. I am so out of touch with what Nilla is saying because I don’t visit anything that has any connection to Nilla. I am listening to my gut and avoiding any contact because I do not trust her site. Not one iota. There are enough every day issues to deal with without the worry of having my accounts messed with or personal information disseminated because I visited an unsafe site whose owner is known for drilling and doxxing. Life is good and I can say I don’t miss her site. Not one bit.
    What amazes me, if I am reading correctly, Nilla is being critical of your looks. Right? Did she forget that picture with the pig eyes and chin that looked like it had been swallowed whole and regurgitated five times? You know the one I am referring to. The photo where the person is an “it’s Pat” after decades of inbreeding with the off-center screwy little mouth and head that comes to a point. She has no room to talk.
    Makeup can conceal pores but nothing can help that other face. Nothing.
    No, that beast has no room to talk about another persons looks.

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  9. I have noticed that that she’s lost over 200 twitter followers since the big split! I find her a fascinating study in pure evil ! You don’t come across this type of evil very often, also she sounds like a mean ass drunk! I’m not one to sugar coat anything but I would certainly be on the lookout for her and her minions! She lacks any type of empathy so in her mind she’s got nothing to lose! Maybe the best thing is to ignore the “Sasquatch” and she will either shut up or get her site shut down! It’s human nature to want to defend yourself and defend the people you care about so she is smart enough to know weakness and knowing that we are a bunch of good people she tries to prey on this knowledge! So with that said TT go FUCK your Evil self and leave my buddy’s alone!!!! I’ve got your number!!!
    Now, on to recipes!! Yahhhhh I’ve got a few but will have to make sure I give correct measurements because it’s in my head! 😱

    Your beauty alone is driving her crazy!! I love this blog and I appreciate everything you do for all of us! Your beautiful inside and outside and that also drives her nutty! She’s taking it very personally but just won’t see that it is her own fault! So you are the target but we’ve got your back! You should post your mailing address so that we can send you a little something for your time and effort! I know you are against any type of donate button but if some of us want to we will know where to send it! Just a suggestion and hope I haven’t offended you! I just really love this blog and we all get along so well and if any differences happen we handle it with class and kindness! I’ve never seen this on any other blog ! Thank you!! To all the commenters I don’t comment a lot but I love reading all your comments! Thanks!! 💜💙❤️💚💛

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  10. @Allie, It might not be such a great idea to post your address on here with “IT” watching so I’ll just email you if that’s okay!! I had a lapse in judgment but I still want to do a smokey Burnout on her head😱😂😂😂😂I should go pray I guess🤔😇😜

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  11. Sooo, I too was in the mass blocking from Twitter. I’ve never tweeted her, and as Allie knows, I still visited and posted on both sites. I didn’t get invovled in the drama. I’m a net war veteran and I was just watching it all hoping it didn’t go nuclear – thank God it didn’t. AND she blocked me. LMAO. Meh, so I blocked her back, deleted her site links and I’m over it. Still laughing about it, but just over it.

    Some of you may remember me from there as lavidaLinda, some of you may know me here as Deplorable! In a basket. Y’all can just call me Nolife from now on, I’m taking my old name back, I am who I am :).

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    • Of course NoLife, I remember you well from the other site and you as Deplorable here! BTW, I love the Deplorable name. I took for granted I was blocked after making a derogatory comment on a Christmas post she made. NBD. It really is a moot point since I have no desire to support her blog any longer and don’t do Twitter. Being blocked is actually a badge of honor. Who the fuck in their right mind wants to align themselves with that type of crazy?
      I was not a part of Nilla’s initial wrath but I immediately distanced myself, chose a side to defend and have stayed the course. I realize many people choose neutrality but her ugliness did not sit well with me. I had reached a saturation point with her moaning and groaning, constant health updates (we were pratically charting her BM’s) and the bitter criticism of posters. To say I was weary of WLS references is an understatement. When my browser accidentally took me to a Twitter post requesting TeeCee66 clear the board during her absence, I was done. Sure enough TC raised her ugly head as requested and the rest is history.
      I am happy to see anyone who wants to be here from the other site. Many are here.
      So glad you are, too.

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      • Yeah I hate twitter and rarely use it, so, there ya go. And she’s not a nice person and did horrible things, but I am (or was) a glutton for punishment. I lurked from the start, wasn’t sure if this situation could be related to my war years ago and didn’t want anyone who might remember me to associate me with you guys. And I seriously doubt any one remembers me but knowing certain names that came up during it, I figured it was better to lurk for a while.

        And Allie, I get TONS of compliments on my Color pop JIC!

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  12. That snake picture is going to give me nightmares! Eeeeek!
    The lying liar who lies obviously is blind. Otherwise that person would see that most of the blog is makeup and recaps.

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  13. Allie’s right, ignoring “It” doesn’t help. I don’t know if it’s her constant need for attention, or the fact that we’re thriving over here that has her so worked-up. It especially bothers her if she see’s someone who she “thought really liked me” post here or interact with Allie on the Twitter. I think what strikes me the most fascinating is the fact that when someone disagrees with her, or call’s her out on a subject – she totally loses her mind. She claps back with a profanity laced and insulting tirade, but she whines that we’re being mean and attacking her. It’s like she’s totally oblivious how she treats others, like it’s ok for her to be such a tyrant – but no one should say boo back to her. It’s evident with the way she keeps such a tight rein on the comment section, and the constant blocking people on social media. Control issues much?
    It’s also amazing how someone who lives alone with only a dog to take care of has so much drama in their life. In fact, she lives such an interesting life, she’s going to write a book all about it.
    I saw an “Oprah” episode some years ago about how everyone has a story. This man picked random people from the audience and asked them questions. It started out that the person didn’t think that they were particularly interesting, but with his pointed questions -it turned out that they in fact did have a life story that was interesting. It doesn’t mean that it’s interesting enough to fill a readable book. So, some people aren’t as special as they think they are. If we did a “5 things about me” post on this site, I’m sure we would be amazed at what we would learn about each other. I’m also sure that none of ours would be imaginary or manufactured drama.

    Side Note: Haute Look is having Morphe and Smashbox cosmetics starting at 1:00 pacific time. Whoop Whoop!!!

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    • For the most part I ignore it, don’t care about it, and when I’m not online and I’m on my normal daily life, it doesn’t even occur to me. But every once in a while I have to laugh and let it know I’m laughing. It stalked my twitter fir crying out loud. Stalking my shit while yelling how obsessed I am, haha-oh, and this “hate site”. Bitch please.

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  14. Chicken Cordon Bleu the easy way serves 2
    11/2 cups panko bread crumbs
    1 T butter
    Salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder
    Melt butter in no stick skillet on med heat until butter foams
    Add crumbs, season to taste with the salt and black pepper, add a dash cayenne and 1/4 tsp. garlic powder.
    Stir until light golden brown


    • Cordon bleu continued
      Set bread crumbs aside and cool.
      2 large boneless skinless chicken breasts
      4 slices black forest ham (sandwich slice. Splurge and buy the good stuff from the deli)
      2 chunks of gruyère cheese the size of your index finger. You may substitute Swiss, but but the best you can afford. You’ll use more of the cheese in the sauce
      Roll the cheese up in 2 slices of ham
      Pat the chicken breasts dry.
      Cut a pocket in the thick part of the breasts. Stuff with the ham and cheese. Sprinkle breasts with salt and pepper. Roll in flour.
      Brush breasts with mayonnaise, roll in panko crumbs. Pat lightly to make sure crumbs stick make sure opening is glued shut with the mayo/ flour
      Place on wax paper covered plate and chill for an hour
      Preheat oven to 350 F
      Bake for 40 min on foil lined 9×13 baking dish sprayed with Pam/ no stick

      3 T butter
      1/3 cup minced onion
      1 clove minced garlic
      3 T flour
      1/2 cup dry white wine- I keep a bottle of white Gallo vermouth for cooking
      1 cup while milk or 1/2 and 1/2
      1 cup chicken broth
      1/2 tsp salt or to taste
      1/2 cup grated gruyère or Swiss
      1/4 cup grated Parmesan- buy the imported and grate yourself
      Dash nutmeg
      Dash cayenne
      1 bay leaf
      1/4 tsp thyme
      1 to 2 tsp Dijon m mustard
      Squeeze of lemon juice if needed
      Sauté onion in butter in med. sauce pan until soft. Add garlic and flour and thyme. (crumble between fingers)
      Cool until flour is a pale gold. Slowly whisk in wine, dairy, and chicken broth. Wisk until smooth. Add bayleaf, nutmeg, salt, and cayenne. Add mustard to taste.
      Bring to a simmer over low heat. Add cheese. Stir until smooth. Add lemon juice if needed to brighten flavor and salt and pepper if needed.
      I usually serve with fettuccine tossed with some of the sauce. Plate the chicken with a little sauce poured over it on top of the pasta with a lemon wedge on the side. I serve with asparagus as the veggie. A big green salad with a vinaigrette as a starter.


  15. “she”, I mean “it” (put those together & you get…) should make “their” site “private”. Other than “its” own aliases, how many real people would continue to go there and leave praise for their master?

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    • “Mr T” continues to try and post-writes these long ass love letters to me-but it’s a waste because I don’t read, never going to read, the comment goes straight into the trash. “T”‘s sole purpose in life is to project, flame, and pretend that we don’t know who she is. I don’t feel like playing, it’s my sandbox, so I don’t have to. 😁🤣😂

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  16. That’s right Allie, you don’t need a turd like Mr. T in your sandbox.
    I got a good chuckle when they said that pussy lickers sounded vulgar or something, well first of all Mr. T – pussy licker would be vulgar, it’s puss licker. Puss licker sounds much classier than cunt, so go to that site and preach.

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  17. To paraphrase the mighty winston Churchill – sort of:

    TT: Allie you have pores
    Allie: if I had I could get a good primer and by morning flawless; you are a haggard old twisted bitch with no mates, 400lbs of excess fat and your writing is piss poor……

    The real quote that still fits:

    Bessie Braddock MP: “Winston, you are drunk, and what’s more you are disgustingly drunk.”
    WSC: “Bessie, my dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow
    I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.”

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  18. Great blog. I’ve done more lurking than commenting but this is a safe place. I did visit the Evil One and it was more of the same. Her “big pores” comment just proved what a liar she is. You are gorgeous!

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  19. Hi guys — I’ve been lurking until I got my phone fixed. Too many issues trying to post (mine — not the site’s, Allie).

    Why in the hell is the Supreme Idiot attacking UF’s sister, Anita??!! I saw on Twitter some nonsense she started (YET AGAIN) about losing UF. Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding was that they were casual friends…he wrote for her blog (until he probably got tired of contributing & not getting paid); they were online friends & Anita has said they haven’t talked in over a year, yet she’s carrying on as if she lost her best friend in the world. The Twitterverse is supposed to acknowledge & respect her “grieving”, yet she attacks his sister, who most definitely is grieving the loss of HER BROTHER!! WTF???
    I’m so disgusted with her. I report her to Twitter every chance I get. I want her and her delusional hate-filled rants shut down.

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    • She’s completely unhinged-the usual. It’s all about her in her self absorbed pitiful world. She’s SO bitter that someone set up a GFM and took the attention off her-it’s time for a cyber-tantrum.


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