RHOC News…

Not sure how I feel about this: Lydia is back? Story below-

Talk soon Lovelies



25 thoughts on “RHOC News…

  1. Lydia Who? Yes, she so memorable that I’ll have to Google her. What does it say when they can’t get fresh cast members and have to bring back those who didn’t make it the first time around! Yawn…

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  2. Lydia was nice, but Meh. Loved her mom, the fairy dust lady. It should be interesting to see the Brianna &Vicki
    reaction to Lydia.
    I am thinking it is Shannon, Lydia, and Tamra vs. Vicki and Kelly.
    Lydia is just too nice for Shannon and Tamra.

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  3. Lydia really didn’t work out well the first time around and, unless things have changed dramatically, she probably won’t work out this time. I don’t see the draw. Lydia is vanilla. Although her pot smoking mother means well, she can be off-putting. How many people want glitter thrown on them by an adult woman?
    Certainly there were other candidates who would have brought some freshness and change to a rather stale franchise. Too bad Bravo continues to recyle Tamra and Vicki. Their schick is old.
    I checked out of watching OC. I grew weary of the cast but especially of Dumb and Dumber, Vicki and Tamra. Vicki and her screeching got to me at about the same time i reached my limit of watching Tamra’s mean girl another cast member. It was adios to the OC. I would drop in from time to time to touch bases but I doubt I will give it any time this season.

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    • I agree DD. I won’t be watching anymore. So over “dumb and dumber” and you nailed it with vanilla Lydia. Boring as hell. As far as her mom, I would respect her more if she left the fairy dust at home and shared her herb.

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    • Wasn’t Lydia brought in I be Alexis’ friend? I know she and Heather got into it about a Magazine cover. This season does not seem to be promising. I really dislike Tamra, Shannon, and Vicki. They hate each other. It will be all of them screeching and screeching, and getting drunk.

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  4. I’m pretty much maxed-out too. Vicki really is one of the worst people ever. I appreciate that she can take care of herself and her family financially – but that doesn’t negate the fact that she is disgusting in every other way.
    I totally agree with you Drac, if some pot smoking hippy threw glitter on me, I may react by throat punching her ass to the ground. I don’t think Ryan had any business talking to her the way he did, but I believe there was so much more of that interaction that we didn’t hear to get him to the point of being such an ass to her.
    Is this season’s storyline going to be Tamra and Lydia trying to out Jesus each other?

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    • I had a strong reaction to that scene. I don’t believe there was more to it on the mother’s part, I think it was ALL Ryan. The mum put her feet up on the sofa or coffee table and tossed a bit of glitter at him when he came after her. Quelle Horreur! I’ve had people I barely know put their feet up on my expensive L.R. furniture but I just let it slide. I feel Ryan is not comfortable in the social millieu of wealthy Orange County. He looked extremely uncomfortable and out of place that evening. He covered his feelings of discomfort by deciding He was the now man of the house and responsible for security. It was really strange. At that time he came across as a very angry, demanding ass–. with a giant chip on the shoulder. He handled the situation terribly-so disrespectful.

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      • I thought Ryan’s behavior was totally indefensible and wasnt at all about feet on the couch. Breanna wasn’t much better with excusing it-but I thought she acted like this wasn’t his first explosion either.


  5. Lydia is outta her mind to go back into this Lions den, they will eat her alive. Housewife world big boring usually means too sane, kind, or stable to stoop to the level of desperation needed to play into the drama.

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  6. I so don’t know why they bring back the same people, rather than figuring out a new way to revive this dying franchise. I can’t really say I am excited about any of them. I remember living for the housewives, now, not so much, if at all. (Still have hope for New York) 🙂


  7. They lost Heather so someone needs added to this show or its all ghetto but rich white ladies.

    I never watched it with Lizzie, cant speak on her. I mostly watch the reunions. Very detached from this show even tho its the one I started with all the way back to season 1.

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  8. I was watching “Say yes you the Dress” last night and it was the episode with Meghan Edwards on it.

    I really don’t have anything to add to it. Except I liked the original necklace on the dress. It went straight across and she wanted it to dip down a little. They never showed it with the alteration, But the straight line made it different and demure.

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  9. I thought she had a pretty strong point of view and could really defend herself ( the scene with Slade) but…she annoyed me-some reasons are incredibly superficial and I feel bad: the big toothy smile and anorexic build were unappealing. Ultimately and more importantly I just found her boring.

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