Ooooh A Trip!

So I’ll have the VPR recap up in the morning, promise. I just found out I’m going to Atlanta in May. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

My ultimate destination will be Chattanooga-but it’s waaay cheaper to fly into ATL-and rent a car. A good friend of mine is graduating college so we’re going to her graduation-I haven’t seen her since her wedding in Nov 2014 so I can’t wait.

She was actually in an HBO documentary-if any of you have HBO and get a chance, check it out. It’s great-

We stayed at this amazing hotel in Chattanooga called the Read House-it was BEAUTIFUL, has a long history with a haunted room (we stayed across the hall from it) and Al Capone stayed in that hotel on his way to Chicago for trial. The lobby was exquisite-just a gorgeous old hotel. Check it out-

We’ll probably try a different hotel, I want to maybe stay here-

Me and my girl at her wedding

So anyway, yeah-Atlanta. We’ll be there for the day at least. Maybe I’ll go to Chateau Sheree! Moore Manor! Lake Bailey! Or maybe I’ll MYOB and not invade their privacy.

Talk soon, Lovelies



13 thoughts on “Ooooh A Trip!

  1. When I had to go to Savanah, it was 300 bucks cheaper to fly to Jackson FL and rent a car, and that was 10 years ago.
    The road trip should be fun. Just beware of the snakes.

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  2. Well, if you get too nosey and get your ass arrested, dial me up and I’ll bail you out. Just don’t be a gober, err I mean a goober.
    One thing to look forward to will be the phenomenal blog growth that will occur from you coming into contact with the air of Atlanta and the transference of wah from being in the same vicinity as the greatest blogger on earth! Better yet, wear a Hazmat suit.

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  3. Atlanta is a great city! As I’m sure you know, the “blogger” , nor the Housewives of Atlanta are representative of our progressive, culturally diverse city. Traffic sucks though and the drive from the airport to Chattanooga won’t be fun. At all.

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  4. Oh, after you’re done doing a Housewives tour of Atlanta, you can visit Maci and her crew from Teen Mom. That is an exceptionally nice thing to do, not many people would travel that far to see a friend graduate college. Good for her!!
    I have an appreciation for nice hotel’s. If I can’t be in my own surroundings and bed, then I at least want to be in a well appointed room.

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    • That’s right-I forgot they’re in Chattanooga 😉 if I’m only staying in a hotel one night I’m not that picky-but if it’s multiple nights I prefer a nicer hotel. And they’re not that expensive down there-I’m used to CT/Boston/NYC prices.

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  5. It’s been ages since I’ve been to Atlanta, but lots of non-housewives fun too, and the food – good southern home cooking. Have a great time, it’s always good to reconnect with friends. I hope you have great stories you want to share afterwards.

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