New England All Day

So NE trounces ATL, they came back from it almost being over-if anyone could pull it off, its NE. Came from the bottom to the top, and here we are. Atlanta isn’t what they thought. 

Oh, and the Patriots won. 😉

Talk soon, Lovelies



32 thoughts on “New England All Day

  1. Awwww, I just read that Maddie, Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter was a passenger on a Polaris ATV that rolled over, and she was submerged under water for a time. She was air-lifted to the Hospital and reportedly in serious condition. That is just awful. Prayers for her recovery. Sorry to put this in your Super Bowl Post, Allie. I’m going to bed now, I hope I wake up to a good report on this sweet little girl.


    • Because I didn’t care one way or another, I was hoping Atlanta would win since they have never won before.. Sorry Atlanta fans, and congrats Patriots fans. Kinda cool history was made by first ever overtime. Everyone was witness to that. 🙂


      • First ever overtime, first ever comeback by so many points, most yards ever thrown in a Superbowl (helped by OT), TB12’s FIFTH Super Bowl ring! What a great “in your face” to Roger Goodell! Happy Pats fan here! The greatest team ever and the GOAT, Tom Brady!

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  2. Amazing game! I will admit to a bit of despair at half time, but I stayed with my team and broke out the St. Sebastian medal.

    I don’t think people outside of NE realise how much this meant this year. For Tom and his mother.

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    • Exactly. He’s been through a lot this year. I’m sure being married to Gisele helps though 😉 I love that he brought his 3 gorgeous kids up on the stage with him-I also love how his son w Bridget Moynihan is with him for everything-that’s called doing what’s best for the kids and getting over your shit for them. They had a pretty messy breakup-he left her when she was pregnant and took up with Gisele, so bitterness would have been understandable but Bridget Moynihan has never played that game. Nice to see grownups be grownups. Can you imagine your boyfriend leaving you for GISELE though? Like, what can you even say?!? Ha.


    • After the game, before Belichik got to Brady, Brady was literally on his knees & I believe crying. You could see the emotion on him after the game. Hell before the game. His eyes haven’t looked this rough ever, not that I’ve seen.


  3. Also, the Falcons are one HELL of a team! They left their hearts and souts out on the field. It was a fantastic game and the reason I didn’t turn it off at the half was because I wanted to watch that extremely talented team until the end. This was great football!

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      • Right! I’m going to enjoy watching them next year! After 4, the Pats knew not to leave it all out there in the first half. Now that Matty Ice knows that too, their championship won’t be far behind.

        I also think that the owner obnoxiously heading to the sideline with the 2nd half jinxed them.


  4. I’m born & raised in Bear country. I came of age when the 1985 Bears snagged the superbowl that year. Walter Payton was my man. I had a love for him that ran deep.

    Fast forward to the year Brady got his chance to show his skills & override Bledsoe and my husband wanted a dog. I said no, no, no. I had a newborn (fulltime breastfed for 6 months), 4 older children of my own & a nephew I was raising. I worked a very high stress job, 50-65 hours a week. I could not handle a puppy. One of my lifes desores was to have a dog named Payton. After Walter of course.

    So what does my dumbass husband do? He gets the puppy & names him PAYTON! He thought that would pacify me. This was early October I believe, before Bledsoe got hurt.

    10/17 of that year, I found an injured cat that I took in & paid for his surgeries & took care of him til the end. I didn’t name him tho because I wasn’t keeping him. I gave him all kinds of rated X names while caring for him (he had 2 broken legs, one so bad it shouldve been amputated, horrific worms, internal organ injuries, got a bone infection that almost killed him, he was very mean to me when I had to care for him, many scratches & bites & a few times he peed on me, hence the name calling).

    I was livid that MY dog’s name was used for this mutt puppy I did not have time for.

    When Brady showed his talents, my hubbie fell in love with him & wanted to change the dogs name to Brady. My kids vetoed that. Hubby kept at it, kids kept fighting him. Then I named the injured cat Brady. The kids loved it! My hubbie hated it.

    He actually said to me “how can you steal a pets name like that when you know how much it means to me? Brady is starting a dynasty & you stole his name”.

    I seriously laughed for the next few hours. He got so upset that I couldnt stop laughing at him that he left.

    The moral of the story is, dont steal my name & I wont steal your name. Yes that marriage is done.

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    • I did end up keeping Brady until 9/2012. I tried to give him away, but no one wanted him with intenstinal distress, so he
      did stay. & he did turn into a good cat. About 6 weeks into his physical therapy treatments, he started purring & snuggling me. He did regain full use of his legs, the vet was amazed. He beat the odds each time he came against them. Amazing cat.

      I am not allowed to take in any more animals to rehome. They don’t leave. I end up falling in love & believing no one will care/love them better than me. So my eldest son has banned me from anymore. 3 dogs & 2 cats. My daughter has 3 cats, all rescued pets too. So I have banned her from rescuing also. We volunteer & collect supplies to contribute, they are still near & dear to my heart, but I have limits.

      Some facts may be slightly off & I may be slightly loopy. I took a pain pill, last one I took was about 15 months ago & I think thats great, but I am admittedly very much coping a buzz. Apologies if I’ve been a nuisance poster.

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  5. But.. But… how could the patriots win? “Because, Yankees.”

    …I don’t even watch football, but this one was too sweet to resist. Lol. Sucka!


  6. So thrilled for Pats fans! What an exhilarating game! I only watched the amazing halftime show and coverage afterward. Lady Gaga killed it!!

    It sure was noisy in this house last night! My guys were on such a high. Poor hubs didn’t get to sleep until close to 2 a.m. his alarm goes off at 4:30…I’m guessing tonight is going to be an early to bed night.


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