Sunday Update Part 2

Well, apparently you can only put up so many videos one one post. Duly noted.

And that’s Rhode Island today. It was SO cold so I couldn’t really get a lot of other things recorded-Narragansett is really beautiful.

Talk soon Lovelies 



7 thoughts on “Sunday Update Part 2

    • I see the glorious sights of Australia, and think it would be an absolutely beautiful place to visit. Then, I’ll see a pic or video of one of those Hunstman Spiders, and it makes my skin crawl. I don’t care if they are as harmless as a puppy – I would probably quit breathing if I came face to face with one. Those fuckers are big and scary.

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      • Yeah I would straight up have a coronary. I don’t even like that name…Huntsman Spider or Hunstman Spider. Either way it makes me feel like it would hunt me down and have a plan to kill me. The only way I could deal with something like that is if I could have my gun on my hip and could shoot on sight lol. I would empty all the rounds I had to make sure that it couldn’t get up again. Sorry to all the people who like spiders and tarantulas and such creatures. What is wrong with you btw? Just kidding I think????


      • @Get Out. Yeah those things are ugly. I’ve never seen one up close nor do I ever intend to. I don’t like spiders and I especially don’t like snakes. They give me the heebeegeebees!!


  1. Love the videos especially the ones with you and your husband your both so cute! You really do seem to really enjoy each other and love each other and that is so great to see! Plus you both have a great sense of humor and seem very down to earth – bonus!! Hope you had a nice day looks like you did despite the wind and cold!!


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