Sunday Update

Well guys, I had a super busy day-had to run out to Rhode Island today, I got in a little while ago so the RHOA recap will be up in the morning-I’m just not going to have time to get it up tonite, but when I do start retweeting it to enter the giveaway! I’m sorry 🙁the perils of having a blog writer with a life that leaves her house-haha-but I promise it’ll be up tomorrow am. 

Here are some Snapchats from the RI excursion. FYI the beach is cold in January. 

I was so unbelievably tired at this point…


21 thoughts on “Sunday Update

  1. Cold or not, I picture myself on a chaise when I see the beach. I’ll take a blanket to keep warm. I could use the good salt air today, having bad sinus issues.

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    • I do that. Not at the beach but on our patio. I’m in Michigan and when we have a nice sunny day and its advice 20 degrees I will get my electric blanket to wrap myself in and sit on the chaise in the patio for a while to soak up the sun and just be outside for a while!

      Videos are really nice and you look so pretty hope you both had fun!

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  2. Finally had a warm day and it hit 70. Supposed to be 74 tomorrow. Airing out the house. It’s been cold and rainy since November. I do wish we had more cold weather though. I love coats and winter clothes.
    Glad you got out today Allie and you look beautiful. I can’t even imaging a beach that cold.

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  3. Those soft blue eyes,….as blue and breathtaking as the ocean. You both are gorgeous…still can’t believe you have 5 children!
    Glad yr phone worked finally. tc…

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  4. Wah! You were in my town- Westerly! I watched the Snap a bunch of times and can’t quite make out where you were.
    Glad you came Sunday and missed the snow, yesterday! The roads were horrific! ❤

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    • I was!!! We came down 78 then hung a left towards Narragansett. Every time we drive by Benny’s hubs HAS to say “ooo Benny’s” and I don’t know why. I love westerly. My ex lives in Narragansett so I’m down that way ALL the time shuttling kids back and forth. I’ll be back in 2 weeks!

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      • Hahaha! That’s so funny! I haven’t walked into Benny’s in probably 15 years. I don’t know how they stay open! Our Walmart is right behind it and Benny’s parking lot is always empty. So strange. I love your hubs song! Lol

        Yep. 78 out main line through town. We just avoid completely in the summer months!

        I love Narragansett! Their beaches are far superior to our public beaches. (And, so many good restaurants!) Every summer I ask myself who would spend money to come on vacation here. The vast majority of places to stay on the beach are overpriced pits.


      • I think I’ve been in Benny’s once-we camped at Burlingame and I needed something from there. That Walmart is set soooo far back from the road! Probably better 😉 Narragansett is a nice little town and the beach is really really nice. However, RIs worst beach is still way better than CTs best. Fact. 😉


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