One Of Those Days

Hello my Lovelies-

Thought I’d check in before the RHOBH recap goes up tonite-

I ordered 2 if the subscription boxes, y’all-Ipsy and BoxyCharm. Super excited about that. I hear that my next move is something like-I’m going to be placing ads to sell you guys makeup and swindle ERRRRRYONE!!! I can’t make this shit up. Sigh. 

I was going to post a review if some NYX liquid lipsticks I just received but I’m not feeling it right now. Partially because I was underwhelmed by the product and partially because I’m just not in the mood. 😝

I did just order a new Morphe palette, a slew of Colourpop lippies with a couple of their highlighters-and I paid for them myself even. No donate button, no soliciting-go figure!! 😉 I will totes review them when they get here. Morphe takes forever unfortunately. I got the 35F palette and I’ve been crying for that one for a while. Yay!

So recap later-hope everyone is enjoying their day. 

Talk soon, Lovelies



94 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. “Underwhelmed” speaks volumes.
    I hope you are getting some rest & not running yourself ragged. Winter is really just starting & you need to take care.
    I hope when you get your next box or boxes, that it puts some pep in your step & a smile on your face. 😄

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  2. If I see one more bravolebrity review of the same fitfabfun box in my Facebook news feed, I may just blow a gasket.

    You’re selling makeup? Shut up and take my money! 😂

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  3. I’ve been underwhelmed by a lot of things lately. I like your make up reviews… even though I don’t have a lot of make up or spend a lot on it. I actually really like the Sephora brand make up and would buy every color / item if I could afford it.

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  4. It’s one of the most depressing days of the year, IMO. I try to do the 12 Days of Xmas which means leaving my 7 trees up until Jan 6th so the once pretty trees now seem to be glaring at me saying, “Why do you do this to yourself?”

    I am hoping you feel better soon, Allie.

    I am excited to buy makeup from you! What brand are you going to be selling? 😉👄💅🏽💋👛

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    • Amy,

      Christmas was always my favorite holiday! I have collected Christmas ornaments since I was very young and I had many memorable “day after Christmas” shopping escapades with my Mom and Sister!! Such good times …. anyway, I loved the fresh Noble Christmas trees and I would buy the Commercial Grade Noble trees (we had cathedral ceilings in our home so I bought about a 14 footer tree! We carried it in the house still all wrapped up and this size tree had already had the extra strength tree stand due to the size and weight; anyway, we get the tree in the house and cut all the cords and WHALAAAAA out came all the branches! The tree was magnificent!! But I FORGOT TO FACTOR IN THE GIRTH OF THE TREE which made it come out of the highest section. The darn tree could not be stood up!!! Honest; no joke we had to go get a chain saw and cut 3 feet off this beautiful tree!! I made some killer wreaths that year! Anyway, I was such a perfectionist in those days (I was healthy with no migraines or vertigo) that it literally took me 2 – 3 days to put all the ornaments on the tree! That was just for the large tree! I had 2 other trees in the house as well …

      What fun; but you know what, I loved the trees so much and always keep my home cooler than normal that I kept those trees up till February!!! And I didn’t stress about it or feel guilty because it was up so long …. Enjoy your beautiful trees, they are as lovely as you are!!

      I will be contacting you later because I want to discuss the “P” word 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Seriously, I think this may be an issue for me but I wanted to discuss it with you.

      Take care and thank you for being you and for all the happiness and joy and support you offer to others with nothing but pure honesty and compassion in your heart! This is your gift to us and I want to go on record that I note it, I appreciate it, and I am grateful for it ….


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  5. Hey there! Hang in there! I know it has been hard but I think we are out of the muck, Listen to the Wizard of Oz song again. Don’t listen to “those” people. I often wonder at a persons motive for telling me something that will hurt my feelings.
    You are great! Rest as much as possible. Pneumonia really takes it out of your body.
    You are lovely!!
    Hugs Dee

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  6. Oh for Christ’s sake. Where did that gem of knowledge come from? You are a slick one Allie, sucking us all in like that. Now, is this a brand of cosmetic’s that you’re manufacturing in a invisible factory, or will it be a name we recognize so you can swindle money out of us?

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  7. I read all the time but don’t comment much (ptsd flashbacks?) But I appreciate you and this group of commenters. What an awesome group!

    What you are selling I’m buying so start making your makeup

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  8. I’m a total Benefit Urban Decay and Mac girl…. I’ve also used Tarte products lately but I’ve never tried Morphe but I’m thinking about trying it out now. I also watch Christen Dominique on YouTube and she uses Morphe… So I’m going to try that line out soon they seem to have great eyeshadow colors and are reasonably priced. I’m happy to have reviews of these different makeup lines that I’ve never tried but wanted to try. So thanks for reviews.

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    • You’re welcome!! I am a Morphe girl thru and thru-they are SO pigmented, and the colors last really well. I barely need to reapply. I have some UD colors as well and I like those. But for the price and quality? Morphe. I mean, 35 colors for 20$???? Can’t beat that. Ok Morphe you can send me a check or makeup now!! 😉😉😘😉

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    • You girls have me putting make-up back on for the first time in years! I went on line for tutorials and I found the Christen Dominique videos and then watched them all, mesmerized by how beautiful she is. Then I went in the bathroom mirror and was hit by the fact that I’m 57 and don’t look anything like this girl! Oh well, I’ll keep practicing. Even painted my nails the other day!

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  9. No Allie, you got it wrong… your plan is apparently to post all the makeup and stuff you want but can’t afford and then everyone here will buy it for you! Whee! Then you are going to put up a donate button for “charity”. Maybe charity is code for “Paris trip”. You and your deceptive plans 😉

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    • Goddamn it-why you gotta blow my spot like that??? 😉 I hate to disappoint the conspiracy theorists but if I want it, I buy it. I don’t need a donate button nor do I need to beg for eyeshadow. People really really sit around and think this crap up! They can’t FATHOM that there are people who don’t have to trick others for “things”. Or scheme and scam. Sorry-rant over. I luurrve you Lovelies and I appreciate every one of you 💜

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  10. You’re going to have to wait to try Morphe. I went to their site today to put an order in, and they are sold out of almost everything as far as palette’s go. They must have had an outstanding Holiday season, I’ve never seen them out of so much stuff.

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  11. Miss Allie,

    No need to spend your money on those boxes, IT WOULD BE MY HONOR TO SEND YOU MAKEUP in my humble appreciation for what you are developing here!! I will have you dripping in beautiful makeup …. no knockoffs …. and jewelry too!! Have you all been to those makeup sites were people trade makeup?? Want to start something like that??

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    • We could absolutely do something like that and for those who get the subscription boxes and want to trade things from those. Like I mentioned in my post I ordered the Ipsy subscription and Boxycharm and I’m sure I won’t use everything all the time-makeup AND jewels!?!? You speak my language!!! 😉


  12. You know Allie, it’s not a stretch to think that one day these makeup companies would send product to you for reviews here. I know it’s not a motive but still…not a bad gig. Seems like it would be fun 🙂

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      • Actually, a lot of companies will. My bff’s husband has a movie review website that BFF and I also write for and we get free movies in exchange for a review all the time. It’s amazing. I have sooooo many blu-ray movies that I normally never would have gotten. We also get the big movies, too. All the superhero ones, TV Shows from HBO, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC… it’s amazing. He also gets copies for giveaways.

        You just have to ask them and they will check out the site. Once you have a certain number of clicks per month, they will start offering you products.

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    • Let me work on my writing and lobbying skills; I think I can put a package together to convince Brands to send products and many of us will be able to give feedback!!! Your thoughts anyone???

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  13. Are you f#!%ing kidding me?? Talk about looney tunes!! Wow!

    Anyway, if you were to sell make-up, I’ll be first in line to buy from you!!

    I’m so excited to place an order this weekend! Now that Christmas is over, I feel completely okay with splurging on myself.

    I’ve never tried Morphe but am also going to order a pallette thanks to your recommendation!

    NYX I find to be hit or miss. But, for the excellent price point It’s not a huge dissapointment if I’m not totally in love.

    I’ve skimmed the recaps but haven’t watched VPR or BH for the last 2 weeks. I’m totally devoting tomorrow night to catch up on my Reality TV!

    Are any of you watching the Leah Remini docu? It’s soooo good!! I watch every Tues as soon as it finishes DVRing!

    Also, the Anderson Cooper/Gloria Vanderbilt docu: “Nothing Left Unsaid” was so good!! It was originally made for HBO but is playing this week on CNN. I went to DVR it last Thursday and couldn’t switch the channel. I watched the whole two hours, commercials and all! Even if you’re not a fan of either, I can’t imagine anyone not being mesmerized! I’m a docu junkie and this was a great one!

    Happy to check in with The Lovelies! ❤

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  14. Hi. New poster 😊. Can I just say one of the things that makes me lose respect for LVP is that she will align herself with unsavory characters just to have an ally (Brandi, Dorit). I really believe in keeping high quality company, and would rather stand alone than surround myself with people I don’t admire.

    I like the vibe of your site Allie.

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  15. Okay; this is my second attempt and so I have to do this fast ….

    Some makeup sites for you all to consider. Haute look offers several different brands and rotates then every few days (hint; if you see something you like, go to the actual site and they may offer the item at a further reduced price … I find this happens alot). The All Wholesale Cosmetics offers many different brands and even high end brands at reduced prices …they also have a sale category which further reduces the prices …. then quite often, they offer further discounts of up to 40% off the SALE PRICES!!! I have purchased from them and they are NOT KNOCKOFFS!!! However, they will disclose if an item is considered a blemish one but I really have not seen that often). Enclosed are some sites I purchase from ….


    When I think of the others, I will also gather the links for you all ….. 💄👝🎀


  16. Hi! Long time lurker (from the other site) and first time poster. Thanks for making this friendly blog for all of us and thanks in advance for not calling me a C word! 😂Can’t wait to read your reviews of the beauty boxes you ordered. I used to get Birchbox but was underwhelmed so I cancelled it and I need a new beauty box in my life. Thanks for the great recaps too, Allie!

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  17. I use La Praire skin care( I’m allergic to most ) I love urban decay eyeshadow colors, also MAC eyeshadow and love smash box X rated mascara . It doesn’t irritate my eyes and it’s kind of waterproof but easily removed, Allie I just saw your comment about people saying that you sold makeup? That’s crazy! I thank you for being You! I’ve found out through painful lessons learned that Peace of mind and Love are the only thing that matters and Hope too! If I had this blog I think I would’ve probably shut it down but your a very strong Lady and kind too! I have so much makeup so I tried donating it to the battered women’s shelter but I was told they had so much makeup that they were donating it themselves to other shelters Lol I tried! I’m a makeup and finger nail polish gal💅🏼💄Thanks for everything and all your hard work!

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  18. Damn! I managed to stay away from “over there” for a day and you throw out these teasers. And now I might start wearing makeup for charity? Sheee-it! You are such a manipulator! (Come to think of it, my once every 2 years mascara has run it’s course, what do you rexommend?)

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  19. I mulled over the “charges” that somehow you were going to fleece readers for money or makeup. And I think that wherever it originated, it was done to make you self-conscious about someday making a profit from this site. Like if you were to get sponsors, offer ads, start a podcast, monetize what you are doing as a hobby. So let me say right now you are entitled to make money from your work. You would not be doing anythibg unethical or at odds with why you started this blog. I don’t want mind games occurring now to disuade you from making decisions about taking thisvto a for prodit enterprise in the future. We would cheer you on if that were to happen.

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    • To be honest the only person (it was only one person) who would think you are a con is another con. That’s the way they think, everything is looked at as a way to make money. Their thought? No one could ever help others out of the goodness of their heart. I have always been accused of wearing my heart on my sleeve, is that such a bad thing? Or the others who think I have an ulterior motive for my kindness.

      Yesterday I saw a couple standing out in the cold pouring rain, at a stop light, with some beat up umbrellas, and a sign that said homeless. Because of my recent experience elsewhere I thought, no it could be a con! Then my kinder self said, how can you let one person change who you have always been? I gave them a few dollars as the light turned green. As I drove away my head was screaming, turn around! You can do more! I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a huge umbrella sitting in the back of my car. I turned around and gave them my golf size umbrella.
      I don’t have much but I did have that. I can’t believe a con couple would stand in the pouring rain for a few dollars. Most people drove by them. Some people screamed, get a job. The man said they had no home and couldn’t get a job without a home. It broke my heart. I wish I could have done more.

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      • Good Morning! Thank you Allie. I was so torn due to what happened to me.
        I had time to tell them that any one of us on the road could be homeless. One illness or accident or any other situation could place us there. The woman said, we are well educated! We didn’t think it could happen to us. You are right, I don’t care the reason. They were standing in the rain with the clothes on their backs and couple of tiny broken umbrellas.

        If the worst name I could ever be called is kind I’ll take it LOL

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      • Anyone ever read the speech or poem (or whatever it is called) with the essential guidance of “do it anyway ….” ? Pretty powerful and sage advice; I can find it if some haven’t read it before ….

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    • I so appreciate you saying that. If I were to even consider that, it’s a long way off. I think it was said to mock and shame me over something pretty harmless and innocuous, to try and make me self conscious and make fun of me. But whatever. Give me lipstick or give me death. Well-not DEATH, you know what I mean 😉

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    • I don’t have a problem at all with someone making money off of clicks. A person (the blogger) is taking their time for the pleasure of others, why not make a buck or two doing it? Every site I go to pretty much runs on clicks. The more clicks they get, they more they can charge for advertising.

      I spend a lot of time on Jezebel and it’s umbrella sites. They also have a thing called Kinja Deals (you can google it) where they promote things that they enjoy, with a little write up about the product, and they clearly explain that they can get a small percentage if you order. It’s up to the person reading the article to decide to click or not, which leads them to Amazon or wherever, and it’s up to the person to buy or not. No harm, no foul 🙂

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  20. I was just getting ready to head to Morphe since Allie told me they restocked, and I can’t believe I didn’t share with all the lovelies to use a discount code there. Duh!! It’s for 10% off, so it justifies throwing a couple brushes into the cart. Right? At least that’s what I tell myself. Anyway, here are a few you can use: NIKKIE – JACATTACK – MANNYMUA – DANGER
    The last I checked, all these were valid, the only way they wouldn’t be is if their affiliate code expired.


  21. Hi everyone. First time commenting on ANY blog, I read the other one since the very beginning but never left a comment because I was afraid to be made fun of. It was like that from the beginning. But I did like the recaps until the site started going downhill. I stopped reading over there after the purge, that was awful.
    Anyways, I’ve been lurking here since then but I didn’t want to comment until I was sure it was safe. It was kinda rocky for a while with the whole SS back and forth, but… you had me at make up!! I am always looking for good, reliable, inexpensive makeup! And I just ordered 2 Morphe palettes! My firsts! I’m so excited! Thank you for This blog, don’t let the haters bring you down. I did see the comment you are referring to about “asking your readers to buy you makeup”, oh whatever! That’s crazy BS! I frequent a fashion blog and they had Christmas reccomendations for their readers, if you liked anything you clicked on the picture that took you to the website and they would get a percentage if you placed an order. They were very upfront about it. I ordered a gift for my sister like that, I was thankful they took the time to find nice gifts ideas and within my budget! That takes time to do! If you did something like that with makeup I would totally support you too! And I want to join the product swaps too. That’s my next thing, join a beauty box subscription. After so many years as a lurker I feel like I know you all. Thank you so much for this blog! Sorry for the long comment.

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