Wishing Death and Other Fun Times

In this post, I’d like to talk about one of the incidents that probably bothered me most of all. It didn’t just happen on the blog, oh no, it went over to Twitter.

There was a strange and instant dislike taken to Jim and Amber Marchese from RHONJ. For whatever reason, Jim’s job was dissected and just NOT approved of-I don’t remember what it is he does or did, an attorney/whistleblower/pharma rep, whatever it is or was its ultimately none of my business. And frankly I don’t care just because its his life, his family and his bank account.

Out of nowhere and irrationally, pure venomous hatred was spewed at Amber. She was tweeted that her cancer should come back (which it did, and she’s a fighter, so) and she should just DIE DIE DIE because well I’m not even sure why-but she was called a C word and all sorts of bitches and this and that. On TWITTER!! Tweeted to her!! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was shocked and disgusted. I’m thinking-you are a BLOGGER and you don’t know these people but for what you see on a television show. They didn’t kick your dog, or slap your mother, or punch babies. Yet you’re tweeting the most vile shit to a stranger that you somehow feel a right to attack.

I’ve had a few interactions with Amber on Twitter and in my DMs. I don’t claim to know her one bit, but my experience with her has shown her to be kind and gracious, totally undeserving of the vitriol she had chucked her way.

Beyond that, it was WEIRD how personal it got, and like, gross. Its was just as bad on the blog, believe me. The over-investment in hating a complete stranger that I’ve seen a few times (Bethenney, Meghan and Carole come to mind) is pathological. Unnerving, scary and dare I say, stalker-y? Are they reminiscent of the girls you really wanted to be friends with in high school? Do they remind you of what you aren’t and can never be? Its just way beyond normal. And I can’t with that shit.

Talk later, Lovelies



15 thoughts on “Wishing Death and Other Fun Times

  1. I thought what Jim did by marketing that drug that only treated one rare type of cancer to treat other cancers and he/his company knew it wouldn’t work was pretty despicable, and then he turned whistle-blower and got a reward from the Feds. That was pretty low too, but in no way was it Amber’s fault. She married him after the fact. And to mean tweet and wish cancer on her was beyond evil. Yet she stuck up for Brooks when it was obvious he was faking cancer.

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    • Targeting Amber was mean girl, obsessive, over the top and totally ridiculous. I can’t with that, mean tweeting-no, death tweeting a total stranger. But she comes for people that mean tweet other cast members. Bizarreness.

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      • Countless times K! And she berates and shames these people who innocently mention tweeting a celeb – no doubt thinking they are jumping on T’s drag ’em train – as if she is so far above that type of behavior. As you said, BIZARRE!

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      • Right! I’m thinking, does she not remember the assaultive smear campaign she went on via twitter? But then berates commenters for being blocked by certain celebs. Or tweeting them. Its got to be hard keeping track of all the personae, drunk and otherwise. Allegedly.

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  2. I’m not going to act like I’m all innocent and have never said anything that was a low blow. I have a slick mouth, and I’ve gotten vicious from time to time to get the last word in. I mostly try to be funny with my smart-assed comments, I appreciate a wicked sense of humor, even if it get’s a little dark. I have a couple lines that I usually do not cross out of basic human decency. Wishing cancer or double suicide on someone is one of those lines. Hell, even when it was blatantly obvious that Brooks was faking cancer, I still didn’t wish it on him.
    I don’t care for the Marchese’s, they just don’t have likeable personalities to me. Even so, I do think some of the stuff Jim said is funny, he’s gotten some good zingers in from time to time. I don’t care for a lot of people on these shows, but that is no reason to wish them dead.

    When he got pulled on an airplane and was accused of Felony Domestic Violence/Abuse, I fully expected a long post with links to every item she ever wrote about how disgusting and stupid she thought these two were. Did I miss it? Does that mean that Jim may not be as stupid as she think’s he is, and he managed to muzzle her when it comes to him and Amber? I mean, she has no problem after all these years still drudging up the Sheree court thing, and she blames Pat for every bad decision Kathryn has ever made. What did Jim do that so was different, and seemingly effective?

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  3. I consider myself fortunate to have missed most of this.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but are we talking about an adult,
    supposedly educated woman? That’s just sick and pathetic.
    Amber and Jim are not two of my favorites but dang.
    Karma? Anyone?

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    • I still can’t believe that she dared to go that low and that vicious with you. I know she did it, but it’s still incomprehensible. I wouldn’t wish so much as a common cold on my worst enemy, let alone that.

      If you haven’t already, please do the search I told you about in my email. She got dragged before about the very same issue you’re having with her about donations. They snatched her weave and dragged her so bad she’s probably still trying to grow out her edges 3 years later. And, based on what I read, she deserved every bit of it because she didn’t return that guy’s money either.


      • I looked. The thing is that the site administer can change comments and I’m sure she probably altered hers and others because she seemed actually calm. And she gave a receipt for her repayment to the guy. Crazy weird.


      • Oh I saw that. But I did what I guess you could call a “deep” search too with those terms. I left no stone unturned! She claimed she would return his money, $100, but changed her mind at the last minute and decided not to and instead donated it to a “charity” of her choice. Pfft!


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